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September 2, 2015
Even sex between consensual partners in traditionally sanctioned relationships can come at an unacceptably high social cost.
Health - Michael Keane - 20 comments
Capitalism has a self-contradictory nature, which by itself generates crises and undermines its own conditions of successful functioning.
Political Philosophy - Bruno Kern - 6 comments
Either way, the obfuscation, mystification and irrationality of the neo-liberalism agenda will have to be sacrificed on the altar of decency.
Economics - John Tomlinson - 7 comments

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Unions must challenge Dyson in Federal Court

Ambit Gambit Unless the unions challenge Dyson Heydon’s ruling that he does not suffer from apprehended bias they are piling criminality on criminality. In a statement yesterday ACTU Secretary Dave Oliver said the Trade Union Royal Commission is “terminally tarnished”. It is a crime to try to bring a Royal Commission into disrepute. Unless Oliver and his […]

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The National Economic Summit was a non-event, a sad spectacle of influential and intelligent people dancing around the fire instead of jumping in and taking the heat for advocating what cannot be ignored.
Economics - Everald Compton - 9 comments
With Barbers Point as the aggregation, storage and distribution center, hydrogen can load-balance intermittent renewable electricity generation on Oahu.
Environment - Stewart Taggart - 5 comments
The images of lights glowing eerily in the darkness or flashing from a spacecraft as it shoots through the sky are more a product of the television and movie industries than of science.
Science & Technology - Everett Themer - 9 comments
The election win of the Republican lawmakers in the mid-term vote for the Congress in 2015, helped the opponents of President Barack Obama's administration to sway the majority in both houses of parliament.
International - Ali Omidi - 6 comments

Monday, August 31, 2015

With Bolt and Gatlin being the best male sprinters of Jamaica and the USA it is worth examining the performance of both for possible answers about the effectiveness of national drug testing programs.
Sport - Chris Lewis - 4 comments
The Oslo Accords and the Bush Roadmap are dead and buried, even if the headstone is yet to be ceremoniously unveiled.
International - David Singer - 7 comments
Every spring there are fewer little birds. Wrens and tits, which were quite plentiful in our garden twenty years ago, seem to have gone.
Environment - Valerie Yule - 9 comments
Readers of biblical texts who have only a Newtonian understanding of time will be at a disadvantage because they will insist that one event follows from another in a linear sequence of cause and effect.
Religion & Spirituality - Peter Sellick - 35 comments

Friday, August 28, 2015

As much as humanitarian intervention ought to be a moral calculation, it is ultimately a political decision, and politically it has proven to be high risk with little reward.
International - Jed Lea-Henry - 24 comments
Building enough solar and wind power to meet Labor's new target would cost the country 80 to 100 billion dollars.
Environment - John Slater - 40 comments
Critically examining assumptions is a price too high for vested interested to be prepared to pay.
Science & Technology - Peter McCloy - 17 comments

Thursday, August 27, 2015

But is Zoo Magazine really the festering cesspit of moral turpitude its detractors make it out to be?
Law & Liberties - John Slater - 25 comments
At present, China is home to the world’s largest dustbowl and 16 of the world’s 20 most polluted cities.
International - Asher Judah - 11 comments
Muller consistently mixes up
Health - Noel Wauchope - 17 comments

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Shorten’s actions are the embodiment of the ALP’s ­dilemmas and no amount of blackguarding the commissioner can solve them.
Law & Liberties - Gary Johns - 18 comments
Prominent scientists cite dramatically different numbers when estimating the rate at which species are going extinct.
Environment - Fred Pearce - 8 comments
A CNBC poll of oil traders, analysts, and major fund investors, aired on CNBC August 17, showed 95 percent believing the Saudis will not alter course.
Economics - Dalan McEndree - 4 comments

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Candidate Corbyn represents nearly everything Prime Minister Cameron (and for that matter, former Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair) does not.
International - Jonathan J. Ariel - 30 comments
And there seems to be a wide expectation that somehow all of this should be free. We could of course legislate so that it was all free, to everyone. We would then have long queues.
Health - Don Aitkin - 14 comments

Monday, August 24, 2015

Objectors who make the 'no-discrimination' argument corner themselves into merely defending the use of the word 'marriage,' a classic reification fallacy.
Law & Liberties - Hugh Harris - 50 comments
Although Israeli officials claim it is merely a rumor and that there are no direct or indirect negotiations with Hamas, many signs suggest that a deal is imminent.
International - Alon Ben-Meir - 9 comments
An abortion provider has usually never seen the woman before and in fact some women don't believe they even saw the doctor at all.
Health - Debbie Garratt - 8 comments

Friday, August 21, 2015

It was, in the context of its time, a very unremarkable document involving nothing more than a list of parochial issues and demands by an elite group of self-serving rich and powerful barons.
Law & Liberties - John de Meyrick - 5 comments
What the US and its allies are trying to accomplish is no less than the reversal of political hostilities that have marginalized Iran for over thirty years and fueled hostility across the region.
International - Robert Berke - 8 comments
Academics lunge at every new technology and pedagogy in a desperate effort to achieve relevance.
Education - Eric Porter - 6 comments
Unlike people soccer where Australia was knocked out of the World Cup in Brazil last year without winning a game, in RoboCup soccer, we rule.
Science & Technology - Mark S. Lawson - 3 comments

Thursday, August 20, 2015

The tense Sino-Japanese relations and Australia's close economic ties with China suggest Australia would face limited strategic prospects if it further leaned to Japan.
International - Ruo Wang - 10 comments
A man with a child in tow may not be the biological father. Split families, gay couples, and mixed-race couples with children are common in most of our cities and towns.
Society - Peter West - 15 comments
Children and adolescents often complain that history is boring. It is not. It teaches us about our present as well as our past. But it is taught so that it is boring.
Education - Valerie Yule - 47 comments

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Subsequent examination of the Abu Ghraib scandal by well known American psychologist Philip Zimbardo highlighted the systemic failures, including that of leadership, which ultimately led to the abuse.
Law & Liberties - Kellie Tranter - 20 comments
Father Frank Brennan's concerns about the potential consequences of legally recognising same sex marriage are misplaced.
Law & Liberties - Luke Beck - 21 comments
The same-sex lobby would have us believe that it is a fundamental human right to be able to have a certificate from the government saying they are married.
Law & Liberties - Michael Thompson - 51 comments

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Some favour Australia's military involvement as the price of our alliance with the US. I accept this, up to a point.
International - David Leyonhjelm - 14 comments
There is a precedent. The Australian national anthem was changed from God Save the Queen to the boring but secular Advance Australia Fair in 1984.
Political Philosophy - Max Wallace - 9 comments
The majority of Australians are now non-Christian, but what religious beliefs do our MPs hold? We simply don't know!
Religion & Spirituality - Brian Morris - 23 comments

Monday, August 17, 2015

'Choppergate' assumed plague like proportions, even finding voices of condemnation within the shock jock fraternity. The conservative clan were in revolt. The prime minister had gone too far.
Domestic Politics - Binoy Kampmark - 24 comments
Just for fun I used my ‘favourite search engine’ and got the following results for the numbers of hits coming from the phrase ‘crisis in Australian …’
Environment - Don Aitkin - 36 comments
It makes all the basic mistakes. It assumes we are not an innovative economy, innovation consists in advances in science and technology alone, and is something out there.
Economics - Graham Young - 2 comments
Those proponents of the two-state solution who continue to allow Abbas to maintain this rejectionist stance are actively contributing to its demise.
International - David Singer - 14 comments

Friday, August 14, 2015

Is Quantitative Easing a form of financial repression?
Economics - Michael Knox - 23 comments
Academic standards have slipped ever since the influx of massive numbers of foreign students. Higher education is not what it was before.
Education - Murray Hunter - 8 comments
One TPP coming right up. Would you like a cost benefit analysis with that?
Economics - Jonathan J. Ariel - 11 comments
Their GDP and national budgets depend significantly on the revenues from their oil exports. As a result, the revenue shortfalls incentivize them to produce as much oil as possible to mitigate the shortfall.
Economics - Dalan McEndree - 5 comments
While the US conducted its first drone strike into northern Syria from bases in Turkey by targeting ISIS alone, the US has become a de facto ally of Assad, giving him no reason to stop ravaging the country.
International - Alon Ben-Meir - 21 comments

Thursday, August 13, 2015

It's our term, we own it and we should decide who uses it 'and the conditions' in which they do, just like the n-word which is exclusively used by Afro-Americans.
Society - Kuranda Seyit - 8 comments
Stopping Adani would abate no net carbon dioxide emissions. Stopping Adani may, however, raise the price of electricity for poor Indians.
Environment - Gary Johns - 30 comments
In our triumphal overthrow of religion, its superstition, its irrationality and general backwardness we have not understood that our society has been structured by this tradition to its overwhelming good.
Religion & Spirituality - Peter Sellick - 42 comments

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The security services are spying on their own people in a similar manner they did with communist groups within the Australian community back in the 1950s and 60s.
Law & Liberties - Murray Hunter - 22 comments
How dare we lecture China and North Korea on human rights when we allow our own people to live in such poor conditions? It wouldn't be tolerated if they were white.
Indigenous Affairs - Michael Costello - 15 comments
Small parties are interested in consequences, not principles; they are concerned with particulars, not generalities; they focus on people rather than ideas; they are more interested in victory than conviction.
Political Philosophy - Peter McCloy - 8 comments

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

As government tussles with gender representation should cultural diversity targets be on the table.
Political Philosophy - Fotis Kapetopoulos - 18 comments
If same-sex unions are to be legally recognised in Australia then the least sensible means of doing it is to amend the Marriage Act 1961 in any of the ways currently being proposed, or at all.
Law & Liberties - John de Meyrick - 27 comments
Simply holding a review of the parliamentary entitlements system is a predictable but inadequate response.
Domestic Politics - Allison Orr - 8 comments
A positivist ontology views reality as objective, external, permanent, measurable, predictable and physical, while a constructivist ontology views reality as subjective, internal, experienced, interpreted, dynamic and metaphysical.
Political Philosophy - Bill Calcutt - 5 comments

Monday, August 10, 2015

The Japanese leadership were unmoved. It was the shadow of Stalinism that made the difference.
Society - Jed Lea-Henry - 42 comments
Trauma is not primarily imprinted on people's consciousness but instead becomes deeply embedded in people's sensate experiences.
International - Annabel McGoldrick - 3 comments
Turkey's swift recognition of this illegally constituted state for the 'Palestinians' contrasts with Turkey's consistent refusal to grant its 15 million ancient Kurdish community the identical right.
International - David Singer - 6 comments
It makes sense for companies to cut today, but collectively that could lead to much lower supplies in the future.
Economics - Nicholas Cunningham - 15 comments

Friday, August 7, 2015

This deficit is thrown into relief, as it is now, when the terms of trade, especially the price Australia receives for its major exports, iron and coal, declines.
Economics - Max Wallace - 12 comments
Scripture books promoting 'dangerous' messages about sex and male power are being used in NSW public schools, leading to calls for a crack down.
Law & Liberties - Peter Barnes - 29 comments
Promoting transparency. One parliamentary expense at a time.
Domestic Politics - Jonathan J. Ariel - 1 comment
I would say the debt is worse than unsustainable. It destroys life and civilization. It's war against Greece.
International - Evaggelos Vallianatos - 16 comments

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Should we, as educated Australians, tolerate, or refuse to think clearly about the massive global problems the use of uranium has caused?
Environment - Linley Grant - 16 comments
If the fundamentals of an economy do not support the valuations of a stock exchange, then all Beijing is doing is throwing good money after bad.
International - Simon Louie - 6 comments
Today, the overwhelming majority of the left, either explicitly or implicitly, endorses globalization. A much smaller number oppose it.
Political Philosophy - Jonathan Rutherford - 7 comments
As an ambitious and influential G20 nation, Australia has an opportunity to mobilise regional and global support for creating a unified and democratic Korea.
International - Ordan Andreevski - 6 comments

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

'I always had the attitude that if a player resorted to calling me a black so-and-so, I obviously had his measure.': Arthur (Artie) Beetson
Law & Liberties - Peter McCloy - 7 comments
For three years, a police cordon around the Ecuadorean embassy in London has served no purpose other than to flaunt the power of the state.
Law & Liberties - John Pilger - 13 comments
As a well-meaning historian in the data-capturing world that is coming to a gadget near you, I look forward to perusing your metadata for the benefit of future generations.
Law & Liberties - Brett Goodin - 4 comments
Earlier in the year I documented half a dozen media reports which turned out to be 100 percent false. Now I expose another half dozen.
Economics - Leonard Brecken - 1 comment

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Transgender people obviously challenge traditional ideas of what it means to be male or female – risking hostility, attack and even murder in doing so.
Society - Tony Sullivan - 4 comments
Tony Abbott spoke about his friendship for her. But surely any friendship must not tell him how to behave as the leader of the country.
Domestic Politics - Peter West - 9 comments
The Adam Goodes saga says little about the state of race relations in Australia.
Law & Liberties - John Slater - 33 comments
Being more than 80% secular, the Scandinavians tick every box from a nationally high IQ to the lowest crime rates, all by comparison with nations of high religiosity.
Religion & Spirituality - Richard Britain - 16 comments

Monday, August 3, 2015

How marrying for love enables gay marriage and what it does to marriage itself.
Law & Liberties - Eric Porter - 9 comments
Aristotle's words are apt in this light, 'The worst form of inequality is to try and make unequal things equal.'
Law & Liberties - Wayne Walters - 11 comments
What Greece did to the Persians it can do to the Europeans.
International - Steve Pelecanos - 10 comments
The pending order to demolish the small Palestinian village of Susiya in the southern Judean Mountains in the occupied West Bank represents the most blatant violation of human rights.
International - Alon Ben-Meir - 3 comments


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