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July 29, 2015
'Make Healthy Normal' is a step in the right direction, but won't make much of a dint on the obesity problem, whose roots lie much deeper.
Health - Amy Bonnefin - 13 comments
James Hansen, the former NASA climate scientist, wrote in 2011: 'Suggesting that renewables will let us phase out rapidly fossil fuels is almost the equivalent of believing in the Easter bunny.'
Environment - Gary Johns - 19 comments
As if being the world's biggest exporter of oil was not enough, the desert kingdom is now looking to conquer the refining sector as it has quickly become the fourth largest refiner in the world.
Economics - Gaurav Agnihotri - 2 comments

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

In 2013 a staggering 662,483 unauthorised immigrants were apprehended in the US. Almost two thirds were from Mexico, and most would be considered economic migrants.
International - Brendan O'Reilly - 4 comments
The US Senate will vote soon on legislation that would de-fund the Planned Parenthood abortion business.
Law & Liberties - Babette Francis - 10 comments
The Abbott Government has cause a mild stir within the passionate alternative energy community by asking the Clean Energy Finance Corporation not to put any more money into wind-power.
Environment - Don Aitkin - 15 comments

Monday, July 27, 2015

The lack of an intelligent and compassionate national conversation about Muslims and Islam by the politicians and in the media has fueled Islamophobia and anti-Islamic movements like Reclaim Australia.
Law & Liberties - Alice Aslan - 41 comments
Many of the cases brought under Australian law give rise to controversy over the right of free speech and to the degree that is thought reasonable and justified in restricting that right in the interests of public good.
Law & Liberties - John de Meyrick - 7 comments
Iran –- diplomatically unscathed, emboldened and financially enriched once the current international sanctions omelette has been unscrambled – will not change its behaviour.
International - David Singer - 5 comments
While other states built modern, diversified and robust economies, South Australia debated, formed committees and engaged in endless rounds of self-reflection.
Economics - Malcolm King - 15 comments

Friday, July 24, 2015

There are few occasions that shine such penetrating light on the deeply embittered ideological divide between the Labor Party's left and right factions quite like its national conference.
Domestic Politics - John Slater - 33 comments
NSW Premier Mike Baird’s plea for a higher GST is a sugar hit, which is unlikely to improve our mostly unreformed and fragmented health system.
Health - Andrew Laming
Palaszczuk has signalled that she has no interest in federation reform and would rather build megaprojects whose economics just don't stack up.
Economics - Joe Branigan - 5 comments
In Australia, one in five people live with chronic pain, including adolescents and children. This prevalence rises to one in three people over the age of 65.
Health - Kay Stroud
But why should we be surprised or shocked by the discovery that fetal tissue was actively sought by medical researchers?
Law & Liberties - Peter Sellick - 64 comments
Why don't universities, as a group, invest in platforms that support collaboration in teaching and learning, just as they do for high-end research?
Education - Nicholas Hawkins - 1 comment

Thursday, July 23, 2015

In March this year, Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane called on landowners across Australia to nominate their land to host a radioactive waste management facility.
Environment - Anica Niepraschk - 36 comments
Our 'special relationships' are confined to the Anglosphere, particularly the UK and the US, which are also the major investors in Australia.
International - Duncan Graham - 8 comments
The rarity of mass shootings is almost certainly a direct result of the gun buyback.
Law & Liberties - Andrew Leigh - 82 comments

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Federal parliament is replete with those whose travel costs are over the top, and some of them are Labor members.
Domestic Politics - John Slater - 7 comments
A couple of years ago the combination of subsidies and fee income saw the resources of private schools put public schools in the shade.
Education - Chris Bonnor and Bernie Shepherd - 10 comments
Putin has proven himself a populist and ruthless tactician but does not match the cold long game minds of the Chinese leadership.
International - Milton Catelin - 9 comments
With all the harm that we are currently seeing in Syria and Iraq, the Doctrine of the Responsibility to Protect – or R2P – should be rolling off our tongues daily.
International - Jed Lea-Henry - 6 comments

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Labor is right to civilise capital, a shared project with conservative liberals and the country party, but it is wrong to persist in socialism, and its handmaiden, welfarism.
Political Philosophy - Gary Johns - 14 comments
But with Australian productivity growth in the doldrums, there has been much talk about the need for entrepreneurship to spawn jobs for the future.
Economics - Andrew Leigh and Macgregor Duncan - 1 comment
When the 'environmentalists' first pushed for the development of renewable energy, mainly in the form of wind farms, no one considered what the farms could do.
Environment - Graeme Weber - 14 comments
The Abbott Government’s economic policy, or perhaps more accurately lack of it, has greatly exacerbated Australia’s housing problem.
Economics - Harold Levien - 1 comment

Monday, July 20, 2015

One is in favour of speech for views one despises for otherwise one is not in favour of free speech.
Law & Liberties - Marko Beljac - 30 comments
At least the shadow of war and threat has left Iran and the region in the light of Tehran-Washington relations and the two sides will not continue Satanization of each other anymore.
International - Ali Omidi - 3 comments
A series of items in the media caught my attention. It seems that everybody these days can be accused of being anti-this or anti-that.
Society - Peter West - 5 comments
The Abbott government is short listing sites in SA for a National Nuclear Store as Premier Weatherill’s Nuclear Royal Commission investigates High Level International Nuclear Waste Storage in Outback SA.
Environment - David Noonan - 13 comments
Today's millennials by contrast, when it comes their turn to find a retirement living or aged care product, may not have the assets to fund their lengthy senior years.
Nation Building - Ross Elliott - 5 comments

Friday, July 17, 2015

Queensland’s finances are in no state to restart the spending trajectory of the Bligh-Fraser years. The 2010s have been and will continue to be the toughest of decades for Australians.
Economics - Joe Branigan - 10 comments
In The Charity Ball, Gary Johns quite rightly focuses on the need for donors to be better informed of the real purposes and goals of the many organisations and entities that are today calling themselves charities.
Society - Teresa Gambaro - 9 comments
In the absence of a strong state, identity-based violence is always just moments away
International - Jed Lea-Henry - 6 comments
In the contest between democracy and an increasingly globalised economic environment, it is democracy that is losing out.
Political Philosophy - Richard King - 25 comments
The current young generation of Israelis and Palestinians need to see each other through a different lens and adjust psychologically to accept that coexistence is irrevocable.
International - Alon Ben-Meir - 8 comments
There's less oil than you think, which makes it cheaper than it should be.
Economics - Leonard Brecken - 8 comments

Thursday, July 16, 2015

the Syriza government has willfully ignored last week's landslide 'No' vote and secretly agreed a raft of repressive, impoverishing measures in return for a 'bailout' that means sinister foreign control and a warning to the world.
International - John Pilger - 7 comments
It may be that some in the suicide prevention area actively or tacitly support euthanasia; but it is also just as likely, perhaps more likely, that the whole autonomy question bound up with the emotive context of serious illness creates dissonance.
Law & Liberties - Paul Russell - 12 comments
Sanctions or no sanctions, deal or no deal, Iran is on the threshold of becoming a nuclear state. The capabilities exist.
International - Steven Meyer - 11 comments
Tony Abbott doesn't measure up to any of his predecessors.
Domestic Politics - John Tomlinson - 39 comments

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Euro Summit provides a Greek solution (for now).
International - Michael Knox - 7 comments
Peter Singer's views on 'effective altruism' are simplistic and have potentially unintended consequences for social justice.
Society - Richard Meredith - 3 comments
Trend analyses at State and regional levels show no sign of a doubling, in fact the reverse might be true in those regions which lack economic plans such as the Blue Mountains.
Economics - Robert Gibbons - 3 comments
The 2015 Queensland Budget essentially ignores the real issues in Queensland, or tries to make them vanish through creative accounting.
Economics - Graham Young - 2 comments

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Hacking Team has sold its offensive products to Sudan even though the United Nations has placed an embargo on the country.
Law & Liberties - Murray Hunter - 10 comments
The Fabians in Australia seemed to me for a long time to be sort of think-tank for the ALP, but from the incremental rather than the socialist wing. But I now see that there has been a subtle change in the way they present themselves.
Political Philosophy - Don Aitkin - 21 comments
It is easy to blame IS militants for the problem, but they are the symptom of foreign policies that resemble BBQ knobs.
International - Joseph Wakim - 8 comments

Monday, July 13, 2015

Second, a Europe without Greece is no longer Europe. Greece gave Europe both her name and civilization.
International - Evaggelos Vallianatos - 7 comments
The wives are taken out to dinner to be told their husbands have fallen in love with each other and want to get married. They are old, over 70, but they have been at it for years.
Media - Patricia Edgar - 11 comments
How the euro crisis could benefit Russian imperialist ambitions.
International - Jonathan J. Ariel - 4 comments
Australia’s Minister for Communications – Malcolm Turnbull – has sought to play down the threat Islamic State poses to world peace and security with these few throwaway unsubstantiated sentences during an address to the Sydney Institute.
International - David Singer - 7 comments

Friday, July 10, 2015

The espoused 'equal love' cry is not an argument for monogamous life-long marriages, but an argument for embracing any kind of genuinely loving relationship as marriage.
Law & Liberties - Murray Campbell - 14 comments
Who would have thought that the vampire franchise would succour so many movies, television series and novels?
Religion & Spirituality - Peter Sellick - 31 comments
Monday's 8% WTI crude decline is setting up a big opportunity for buyers. And there could be more to come.
Economics - Dan Doyle - 3 comments
In a recent Fabian Pamphlet ('What is Labor's Objective?) Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen makes his case against the existing Socialist Objective of the Australian Labor Party.
Political Philosophy - Tristan Ewins - 43 comments

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Unless the matter of same-sex unions is carefully determined in the rush of politicians falling over themselves to declare their support for its legal recognition in Australia, it is likely to end in something no one likes.
Law & Liberties - John de Meyrick - 13 comments
One problem that has dogged the debate on carbon emissions from the beginning has been trying to construct a cost-benefit result that justifies the trouble of major cuts to emissions.
Environment - Mark S. Lawson - 89 comments
It is rare that an opportunity presents itself for a Government to save money by spending money. And yet, investment in childcare and early learning offers just such an opportunity.
Education - John Cherry - 6 comments

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A salutary example of how legislation for homosexual
Law & Liberties - Babette Francis - 29 comments
Building more roads in Australia's increasingly dense cities won't reduce peak hour congestion; induced traffic will fill up any new road capacity sooner rather than later.
Nation Building - Alan Davies - 7 comments
For more than 300 years, employers have controlled their employees by making them attend and leave work at a prescribed time.
Economics - Malcolm King - 9 comments

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

We still manage to live with ourselves but whether we actually like ourselves is another matter.
Law & Liberties - Justine Toh - 97 comments
How do you finance new state infrastructure when you have taken the pledge not to use debt or increased taxes?
Economics - Graham Young - 15 comments
On June 29 Kevin Scarce, chief of South Australia's Nuclear Royal Commission, was interviewed by Ian Henschke on ABC Radio 891 Adelaide.
Environment - Noel Wauchope - 9 comments
Innovation in garbage handling in Norway is being held back by the low price that the efficient Swedes are charging for the service they provide.
Economics - Roger Kalla - 4 comments

Monday, July 6, 2015

Over the past decade or so, subsidies for childcare have grown continuously and rapidly to the point where they now pose a real threat to long-term budget sustainability.
Education - David Leyonhjelm - 13 comments
If he was serious about better using public funds he would stop using them to boost private schools and concentrate on public ones.
Education - Toni Hassan - 12 comments
Conservatives, at least for now, are indeed strangers and exiles. Christians, however, should embrace these descriptors.
Law & Liberties - Chris Ashton - 7 comments
Bethlehem's Christian population has been reduced from 60% in the 1990's - prior to coming under Palestinian Authority control in 1995 - to 15% Christian by 2013.
International - David Singer - 5 comments

Friday, July 3, 2015

In the fourth edition of its magazine Dabiq IS aggressively promoted sex slavery as an Islamic practice, arguing that the practice conforms to the teaching and example of Muhammad and his companions.
International - Mark Durie - 28 comments
Even though the waste can be temporarily stored at ANSTO and possibly at a national facility later on, the question remains of how it will one day finally be disposed of.
Environment - Anica Niepraschk - 12 comments
The Congo is rich in fertile land, expansive river systems, and with unimaginable mineral wealth; all from a country that is the second largest, and fourth most populous in Africa.
International - Jed Lea-Henry - 1 comment

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Will the Eurozone farewell Greece?
International - Jonathan J. Ariel - 13 comments
Europe all too often acts like a head detached from its essential soul. It makes mountains of policy but reflects little about its big picture destiny.
International - Mal Fletcher - 13 comments
The most unrealistic of these is the claim that increased public recurrent investment in non-government schools has increased overall costs to governments rather than producing overall savings.
Education - David Robertson - 12 comments
Irrespective of its basis, publicly opposition is inevitably dressed up as being an attack on localism or an attack on democracy itself.
Economics - Alex Sanchez - 3 comments

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

In essence, it means that we are ruled by the law of the people, not by the arbitrary law of a superior individual or power group operating above the law.
Law & Liberties - John de Meyrick - 15 comments
Last Friday, the US Supreme Court ruled by the narrowest possible margin (5 to 4) that the American Constitution guarantees a nationwide right to same-sex marriage.
Law & Liberties - Brendan O'Reilly - 8 comments
All of the South China Sea's political and territorial issues come to a head with Sampaguita, an undeveloped natural gas field off the southern Philippine island of Palawan.
International - Stewart Taggart - 2 comments
The main crisis of human rights is not about perceptions, but about its complicity with domination.
Law & Liberties - Neve Gordon and Nicola Perugini - 3 comments

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The more I look at what the ABC actually does, in the domain of news and cultural affairs, I come back to the view that the staff must see their role as to preserve what they see as the correct perspective on Australia and life generally.
Media - Don Aitkin - 48 comments
ABC, you are supposed to represent all of Australia. Look at yourself and look hard. Don't go into another orgy of indignation and self-congratulation about this recent crisis.
Media - Peter West - 5 comments
There are five dimensions that demonstrate how Erdogan has badly regressed from what would have otherwise been his great legacy.
International - Alon Ben-Meir


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