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May 2, 2016
The Flinders Ranges site was nominated by Grant Chapman but he has precious little connection to the land. Conversely, the land has been precious to Adnyamathanha Traditional Owners for millennia.
Environment - Anica Niepraschk - 9 comments
If the 2013 general voting pattern (and the 2014 Senate re-run in WA) is repeated at the July 2 election, the crossbench will grow from 8 to 12.
Domestic Politics - David Leyonhjelm - 4 comments
Materialists have no sufficient explanation (cause) for the diversity of life. There is a mind-boggling plethora of miracles here, not just one. Every basic type of life form is a miracle.
Religion & Spirituality - Don Batten - 15 comments

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There is a correlation between CO2 and world security

Ambit Gambit Prince Charles and Bernie Sanders are on to something. There does appear to be a correlation between carbon dioxide emissions and world security. It’s just that they are holding one graph the wrong way around. This is a graph of CO2 emissions over the last 100 or so years. And this is a graph of […]

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Friday, April 29, 2016

His legacy has since been re-imagined and has come to be applied to all national groups who do not have a state of their own. This has conflated different cases with destructive consequences.
International - William Hill - 6 comments
'Australia now has more people who vote for their money than who work for it.' Taking benefits from voters is tough politics.
Economics - Gary Johns - 16 comments
Since then, Saudi Arabia has introduced some taxes for the first time, cut spending by about a quarter, trimmed energy subsidies, and raised money through the bond markets.
International - Nicholas Cunningham - 2 comments

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Rather than promising everyone some candy, the government needs to win back its credibility by demonstrating a clear plan to return the budget to surplus and pay down its debt.
Economics - David Leyonhjelm - 9 comments
The summit comes at a time when Queensland’s and Australia’s unemployment rate seems stuck at around 6%, about 2% above the lows achieved during the mining boom.
Economics - Joe Branigan - 15 comments
What non-violent response can there be to the violence and hatred, the killings and the dispossession, the endlessly cruel siege of Gaza, the thuggery of settlers and the Netanyahu rants?
International - Stuart Rees - 9 comments

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

80% of our land mass is sparsely populated and poorly serviced by internet, hospitals, water, railways, roads and ports.
Nation Building - Everald Compton - 20 comments
At first, proactive and outward-looking regulators looks like a good thing. But the problems with this new approach are easily demonstrated.
Economics - Darcy Allen and Jason Potts - 9 comments
The complacent are resigned to the status quo, the indifferent do not care, the delusional keep fantasizing, the politicians are busy manipulating, and the power hungry lie and cheat to cling to their positions.
International - Alon Ben-Meir - 3 comments

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

It invites us to ponder how we should feel if Japanese war enthusiasts turned up on Australian shores commemorating an invasion of Australia that never happened.
Society - William Hill - 22 comments
Five million people in Belarus, Ukraine and Russia still live in highly contaminated areas with a further 400 million living in regions with a continuing radioactive fingerprint.
Environment - Dave Sweeney - 11 comments
There is no mood in Israel to commit national suicide – which the Arab peace initiative unashamedly seeks.
International - David Singer - 2 comments

Friday, April 22, 2016

Judge Rami Abdullah said the 60 Minutes crew and Ms Faulkner are still facing public prosecution charges of kidnapping and being members of a criminal gang and may be required to return to Lebanon if the state decides to go ahead with the prosecution.
Media - Malcolm King - 63 comments
Mediation offers the prospect of resolution in situations where parents have limited recourse to the law.
Law & Liberties - Helen Freris - 6 comments
'Why one hundred? If I were wrong, then one would be enough!’
Environment - Don Aitkin - 49 comments

Thursday, April 21, 2016

It already contains the seeds of failure – an existing, ingrained culture of family disability fraud and embezzlement that has been operating openly and arrogantly in Australia for years.
Nation Building - Patricia Eisele - 20 comments
80 Chief Executives, including Apple’s Timothy Cook, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, and the head of the Bank of America also joined in on attacking the new law.
Law & Liberties - Rod McGarvie - 11 comments

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

I wish to question the current relevance of the commemoration, not wanting it to be an empty spectacle, or a celebration of war itself.
Society - Peter Wigg - 24 comments
Either the project is thought to be politically tainted, or to be pointless, or to be something that is not relevant to Australia.
The Arts - Don Aitkin - 7 comments
The function of this metaphor was to point to the presence of Christ in the body of the Church available to believers in the preaching of the Word and participation in the sacraments.
Religion & Spirituality - Peter Sellick - 11 comments

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Productivity Commission stated that the number of Australian children in care has continually outpaced population growth rising from 3.9 per 1000 in 2001 to a staggering 8.1 per 1000 in 2013.
Society - Mark Passfield - 11 comments
The Liberal Party appeared smarter than this when they came to office in 2013. Unfortunately they weren't.
Domestic Politics - Tim O'Hare - 8 comments
The challenge for Saudi Arabia is that given its culture, socio-political make up, and the dominant role of religion, it will be extraordinarily difficult for the Saudis to change direction.
International - Alon Ben-Meir - 5 comments

Monday, April 18, 2016

The review by PricewaterhouseCoopers questioned the very need for a regulatory response forcing higher payment rates on safety grounds.
Economics - Mikayla Novak - 16 comments
The Premiers naturally rejected the idea because they don’t like pressure to eliminate wasteful spending, and they don’t want to risk their popularity by raising their own taxes.
Economics - David Leyonhjelm - 1 comment
Consistency is not always a sign of something positive. People after all can be consistently awful, consistently wrong, consistently doctrinaire, consistently misinformed, consistently unelectable, consistently deceptive.
Political Philosophy - William Hill - 10 comments

Friday, April 15, 2016

I doubt that most of us actually want leadership, if that means a great goal and a great leader to get us there.
Domestic Politics - Don Aitkin - 34 comments
Think twice before 'treating' child sex offenders with chemical castration.
Law & Liberties - Alexandra Tennant - 15 comments
The world now finds itself at the beginning of a lithium super cycle that is all about securing new supply, much of which is poised to come from lithium superstar Argentina.
Economics - James Stafford - 1 comment

Thursday, April 14, 2016

This article argues that Australia can uphold a decent economic/social policy mix by streamlining public spending and promoting a more dynamic economy.
Economics - Chris Lewis - 5 comments
In a very competitive field Defence stands out as the policy area most plagued by misinformation and plain nonsense in public debate.
International - Syd Hickman - 5 comments
In the ice age that occurred 450 my ago the CO2 level was 10 to 15 time higher than today: the one 350 my ago had CO2 like that of today.
Environment - Cliff Ollier - 37 comments

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Prime Minister's embrace of east coast High Speed Rail and his spinning of value capture removes any doubt he's just as cynical and opportunistic as Labor and the Greens.
Nation Building - Alan Davies - 20 comments
Wherever one turns, a sense that the banking sector has essentially gotten away with everything short of physical crime is present.
Law & Liberties - Binoy Kampmark - 7 comments
On 12 April 2016, my wife, Jenni, and I were featured on an episode of SBS's Insight program, 'Sex and Disability', where we came out to the nation that we have sex with other people.
Health - David Heckendorf - 6 comments

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Rather than trusting Turnbull with another election cycle, segments of the electorate (including even the pro-Liberal commentariat), appear to be losing interest and contemplating a Shorten Labor government.
Domestic Politics - Glen Anderson and Alan Berman - 14 comments
But that industrial era is ending and so what is now the role for schools? Here are four scenarios of what could happen.
Education - Keith Suter - 8 comments
White Australia sets up organisations and structures that offer the pretence of helping us, but it's a pretence, no more.
Indigenous Affairs - John Pilger - 34 comments

Monday, April 11, 2016

In an era when conservatism seemed on the wane Buckley emerged as the centre of the conservative intellectual universe, refusing to surrender.
International - William Hill - 5 comments
Richard Denniss has penned a remarkably accessible book entitled Econobabble: How to decode political spin and economic nonsense.
Economics - John Tomlinson - 5 comments
The models fail to explain Earth's long history of changing climates and ignore the powerful role of interacting cycles in the solar system.
Environment - Viv Forbes - 18 comments

Friday, April 8, 2016

When a lefty Labor government commissions a report into a 'women's issue' like domestic violence, we have come to expect a regurgitation of the entrenched views of its feminist wing.
Law & Liberties - Brendan O'Reilly - 34 comments
It is not so important that Britain leaves the EU. It is very important what happens next.
International - Michael Knox - 4 comments
I am writing this open letter to you because I believe that it's time for you to take a hard look at the dismal reality to which your people have been subjected for nearly seven decades, especially since 1967.
International - Alon Ben-Meir - 2 comments

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Western democracies are under pressure from polarising elements, with the centre struggling to hold up in the face of ideological forces unwilling to compromise.
Domestic Politics - Mark Christensen - 7 comments
The question underlying this anecdote, which links Donald Trump's success to Australian politics, is whether this institutional dishonesty is where the rot begins.
Political Philosophy - Max Atkinson - 3 comments
For Jews, there can be only the resurrection of the body. Since they had no idea that the soul could exist as a form of life apart from the body.
Religion & Spirituality - Peter Sellick - 34 comments

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Given that the ALP spivs are safely aboard the gravy train they will not be exerting themselves to derail it. Peter Walsh, the best Finance Minister we ever had, would be horrified.
Economics - Syd Hickman - 15 comments
Narcissism is very much alive and well in recent Australian politics. One had only to watch Kevin Rudd's two stints at the helm.
Domestic Politics - John Tomlinson - 4 comments
In the same month where Muslim suicide bombers killed 35 and injured over 300 people in Brussels, there were six other separate Islamic attacks that took even more lives than those lost in the Belgium capital.
International - Rod McGarvie - 73 comments

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Alan Kohler is a great c.ommentator but his analysis of negative gearing and the ABCC commit fundamental errors
Economics - Graham Young - 8 comments
French voters, when faced with the choice between the Front National and a Republican or Socialist have invariably opted for the latter two.
Political Philosophy - William Hill - 13 comments
Malcolm was a popular Prime Minister at the outset. He had an air of confidence and a convincing manner, plus a belief in his own abilities.
Domestic Politics - David Leyonhjelm - 4 comments

Monday, April 4, 2016

As I’ve discussed before, what proponents of this view don’t get is that while big cities provide greater diversity (and are rightly lauded for it), they also provide more opportunities for specialisation.
Nation Building - Alan Davies - 2 comments
Simply put, nobody apart from the customer and the seller have any idea what a fair price for any goods or services are.
Economics - Vladimir Vinokurov - 6 comments
Why don’t we have a much wider Act that covers all insulting or offending words? Think about it. I think it’s a minefield.
Law & Liberties - Don Aitkin - 11 comments
Electoral Reform should not be driven by committees comprising politicians only and the Single Transferable Vote System (STV - Hare-Clark) should be replaced.
Domestic Politics - Klaas Woldring - 9 comments


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